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Another video

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Awesome Vids Sir, love watching the Viking Vids, looks like you've had alot of fun with yours so far.
Thanks. Ya def have had alot of fun. Been waiting for the beans to come off so I could play in the ditch lol.
I just dont have anywhere to ride really, right now, besides blacktop roads in front of houses, which i dont like to to do much. i live outside city limits in the woods, and theres a Hunting Club at the end of my street, that i used to be on, but didnt get back on this year. There's ton of riding to to in there, im going to get back on early next year, and i'll have more place's to ride.
Ya we are blessed to have places to ride around here. We also travel alot to. Tennessee west Virginia kentucky michigan and hopin Virginia as I just found a nice place there. We definitely ride alot. We have been cutting trails in around here to. Landowners like it whrn you tell em youll be cleanin it up. And keeping it clean.
keep up the videos! those kids must have had a blast.
Hunter loves it. Which is my boy ridin in the viking with me. My brother loves ridin to. He was in the prowler with mom. The prowler didnt make that. Had to be pulled out. Rzr made it once I pulled him out second time.
I used low. Little easier on the belt.
Yeah. The reason I asked was because it sounded like you used a lot of throttle, or maybe it was just how it sounded in the video?
Ya it was like a wall my front bumper had to slide up it a bit. It took some throttle. With how the clutches are setup on these takes some rpms to move when under load. But she performed great as usual. Im sure video made it sound alot higher than was. It was my phone camera.
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Looks like you have a busted left tail light. What's the story there?
Ya I do. My sister got burried in the mud pit we have so I pulled her out. Dont have mirror yet so didnt see the little tree and hit it. Good news tail light on the way.
My mirrors should be here today. I hope the EMP rear bumper will help protect the tail lights from such incidents.
Ya I plan on gettin there bumper. I like it alot. Better than the Yamaha bumper imo.
How come nobody is wearing a helmet?
Well honestly we usually do. Wasnt plannin on doin anything but a short ride around the field. If you were to look at the video I posted from Kentucky youd notice a helmet.
Nice videos, well at least the seats belts were on. I would wear one just in case.
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