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Another one from Kentucky

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I bought our new Viking two weeks ago but haven't had very much time to be on the forums, hopefully that will change. I hope to start adding all the extras over the next few months. So far all I have is the Yamaha front window and the bed box that they have. I plan on ordering my winch this afternoon and trying to figure out the best skid plates for it. I look forward to being part of the group and hopefully we might get to ride sometime as we have some nice trails here.
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Welcome to the site, glad to have ya. Far as skid plates go, there isn't any for the Viking that im aware of, since it already comes with them pretty much, i dont think companies care enough to make any. What winch are you gonna go with?
Im going to go with the 4500# wide spool winch from moto alliance . I have seen a few kits for the skid plates but haven't made my mind up yet. There are several accessories that I want to get over the next year. Hopefully I can document it all and we can all enjoy the build. Always looking for good ideal, so if you have any give me a shout. Look forward to doing more in the forum here.
We are 30 minutes south of Lexington in Lancaster.
Welcome to the forum.
Thanks Everyone

Thank everyone for the warm welcome. This is my first UTV and after taking it out last weekend to Brimstone it really proved how much fun the Viking was over just riding our quads. Now its time to look for a few more parts.
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welcome to the show bud, whats the big plan?
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