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29.5 Outlaw 2?

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I wanted to know if anybody is running 29.5 outlaw 2 on a Viking yet because I'm thinking about trading my grizzly in on a new Viking. I want to keep the tires I have on my grizzly. I spoke with a guy from CATVOS the other day they offering 3'' lift with arched lowers and 2'' forward front arms. He said he has guy 29.5 terminators and are not having any problems. Anyone else can vouch for this. Who's running big boy tires? How well are you turning them? What are you ridding in?
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The one the viking CATVOS did

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I'm running OL 29.5 with no issues


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I'll be running 29.5x12x12 shortly. If my lift ever gets here.

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Those all look pretty gnarly. How do you find it actually driving the Viking with these lift kits and bigger tires on there? Is it easier to get around? Do you you notice the difference other than just sitting higher up?
Can't speak for the lift yet but the tires are smoother than I expected on hard surfaces. I'm running about 7lbs in them.
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