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2014 Yamaha Viking Engine Features

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  • The Viking is equipped with Yamaha’s most powerful 686cc engine with a broad, usable powerband. Four-valve head with 10.0:1 compression delivers optimum torque for virtually any workload, and up to a 30% gain in fuel efficiency.
  • Electronic fuel injection ensures peak performance in nearly all conditions and elevations, along with instantaneous cold starts.
  • Engine braking performance is provided across the entire speed range.
  • Large-capacity air intake system contributes to the engine’s overall power development.
  • New air injection system burns the un-combusted elements in the exhaust, resulting in even further reduced emissions.
  • Specially designed drive system air intake helps prevent overheating and assists in keeping water and debris from entering the drive case.
  • Convenient dash-mounted gated shift lever (L/H/N/R) provides simple Ultramatic transmission operation.
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dont suppose anyone has any solid #'s for output on the viking yet?
dont suppose anyone has any solid #'s for output on the viking yet?
that seems like a tough one to find, seems like we can just guesstimate what it will be like, even the Yamaha website doesn't list power specs

2014 Yamaha Viking FI 4x4 EPS Specifications, specs
Anyone know the HP numbers yet? Won't make a big difference to me but they keep advertising the new high output motor just wondered how it compares to the Rhino.
So about 10 more HP than the Rhino. With there amazing clutch setup it sound pretty good to me. Driving my Commander 800 XT w/ 71 HP it's nice but doesn't mean squat to me if the clutch isn't a good match to the motor, and it's not.
If I could drop a Yamaha clutch into my Commander without breaking the bank it would be one of the best machines on the mark.
I'm looking forward to driving a Viking in the near future.
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