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108 horsepower

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Anyone done an engine swap on the Viking? I was looking at the photos of the new 108hp R-MAX engine and they appear to be similar is size. I'm sure it's not a direct bolt up, but I'm curious how much more room this would take up. I think it' would really wake the Viking up if one could stuff this in somehow. My bet is it's wider, but the question is by how much?

Also, surfing Partzilla and comparing part numbers, it appears they use the same Clutch. Anyone out there done it yet? My Viking has 8,000 miles and she's due.

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I have only heard of big bore kits being done with mixed results. Now that swap is certainly something we would all like to see although I am pretty sure you would need to beef up other components of the drive train, like all of them.
What about the 850? that would be interesting if it matched up!
It would be fantastic. There were turbo kits around for the Viking a while back, that'd be an easier option with a stroker kit.
yeah, The Viking is cool and all, and Lord knows my VI has gone places I never would have imagined, with 6 full grown adults on board. But sometimes I want to break the back end free in a turn for some good old fashioned fun. And yes, I have all the JBS clutch work done and the like. I got over $2000 in upgrades on the ole ZombieKiller.

Still, if someone ever finds out about the 108hp engine the r-max has, I'd like to know. We been saying it for years now, this thing needs more power.
I would love to put a different engine in mine. I have it set up how I want it. So an engine swap is more appealing than selling and starting over with a new machine. Good winter project.
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