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A weekend trip with some boys in Dunlap Mt. in 2013 made me realize the times have changed and the quads lost top spot with being the most mobile machine on the market. That was determined by following a Razor and Ranger deep into the Mt. only to have my Grizzly out machined by sxs. After a trip to E.R. i soon realized my desire to own one. After months of looking at specs versus price and capabilities, i determined the Viking won my choice. Also being a Yamaha man since i was big enough to ride, i made sure to give fair judgement to all other models looked at but Yamaha holds strong still through all these yrs.
2014 Yamaha Viking (camo)


Well i started out thinking cooler and music. Which led me to a bluetooth Jbl speaker system to hear. Then the music carried me to far on couple trails which carried me to adding two extra hand grips at top and fire extinguisher to back roll cage. You know for LED interior lights where added after dropping all my [email protected]#% in floor at night and not seeing stuff every again....:/
I am running 30x10x14 big horns on a set of STI HD6 wheels while a Strong Made 3" lift keeping my body up and off them through the terrain. I am assured of making back with a Warner 3500lbs winch while being protected by factory front and back windshield and roof. Spare tire mount with matching spare in bed. I like being able to see good at night so i mounted enough LED rock lights and 32" LED light bar to see every inch under, around including in front as well as back of me. Working on chainsaw brackets and gun boots for the shooting range next.....
Got to have little more power pulling tires that big straight up hill that tall against rock that fierce...... So JBS sheave and slug kit a must add. Exhaust wrap to chill the heat coming into cab. Also added a little sound damping kit. Heat shield for rear differential. Exhaust tip to beef up the sound of her just a little.......



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