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700 EPS
Gave away my two 2011 Arctic Cat TRV Search and Rescue units and trailer, and bought a 2015 Yamaha Viking. Am now rebuilding it for SAR activity also. A lot of work and more required as I get the unit ready (like new suspension to hold all of the additional equipment mounted on the bed) for active missions.
2015 Yamaha 700 EPS (Blue)


360 degree flood lights for maximum nighttime vision. Twin 4 rocker switch panels; one blue and one red, and all wired into 12 position fuse bank with led indicators for blown fuses. This unit lights up like a Christmas tree when the emergency lights are all on at the same time.
New, additional rocker switch for winch (original only had a remote plug with cable handset). New second battery kit with remote switch to bypass standard electronic module to manually connect both batteries. 12 position fuse box installed in glove box. New under drivers seat storage box. 8 bank switch panel on front panel below digital display. Two voltage indicators, one for each of the two batteries. Additional 12v plug and USB charger plug. New LOUD horn. Firestorm heater and 3 push buttons for strobe light pattern changes and two toggle switches for left and right side lights.
Rear emergency overhead lighting system. Front flood/spot light bar. Yamaha bed storage box. Bed width storage rack. Front storage rack. New rear bumper. Emergency strobes installed on rear bumper. Red strobes on each side of cargo area. Amber strobes in front of front flood/spot light bar. Red 12" strobe bar on front rack, with a red/white single strobe in each headlight assembly. New plexiglass rear window (I had to modify the rear storage box and rack to clear the new rear window). Spare tire and tire mount installed in double 2" extension bar (modified to swing down so the there is access to the bed). New 3500 winch. SuperATV flip-up windshield. Fire Extinguisher and mount. Heavy duty UTV jack with mount. 5" LED lights on each side facing outward. 2 RotoPax 2.5 gal gas containers, and 2 RotoPax 2.5 gal water containers and the required RotoPax hardware to transport them.
2" Highlifter shock lift kit. Shock Therapy Heavy duty springs on the rear.
Wheel and Tire
New 27 inch Rip Saw tires and new designer wheels. New spare mounted on rear.



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