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How the Yamaha Wolverine Compares to the Viking

Yamaha made its big return to the SxS market with the Viking two years ago. Now it is diversifying its product offerings with the Yamaha Wolverine. The 2-seat Wolverine is more meant for rough country exploring, trail riding and hunting according to Yamaha.

The Wolverine gets great ground clearance due to its high clearance A-arms. It also gets good approach angles due to its body which swipes up.

One of the major draws to the Wolverine will be the suspension system. The Wolverine has a KYB suspension system that was made specifically for it. It has long-travel and is fully adjustable. This provides more shock and suspension than competitors in the segment (like the Kawasaki Teryx and Can-Am Commander for example). This suspension will provide compression, rebound and pre-load dampening.

The Wolverine is made more maneuverable by wheels that stick out from the side of the vehicle quite a bit. The steep front nose will give riders a clear view of the ground in front of them.

As far as the engine goes. The Wolverine runs on a 4-stroke 708cc engine that is fuel injected. That is quite similar to the Viking's except it has dual cams instead of the Viking's single.

Let's compare the specs of the Wolverine and Viking now.


Price: $13,199
Engine: 708cc, 4 cycle Single, Liquid-cooled, DOHC
Bore x Stroke: 103 mm x 85 mm
Compression Ratio: 10.1:1
Transmission: Yamaha Ultramatic V-Belt
Drive Train: Ultramatic CVT, Shaft, On Command 2WD, 4WD with Diff-Lock
Suspension: Rear - Independent Double Wishbone with Anti-Sway Bar, 10.6” of wheel travel, Front - Independent Double Wishbone, 9.7” of wheel travel
Brakes: Front - Dual Hydraulic Disk, Rear - Dual Hydraulic Disk / Multi-Disk Wet Parking Brake
L x W x H: 116.9” x 60.6” x 74.2”
Wheelbase: 81.3”
Turning Radius: 181.1”
Ground Clearance: 11.4”
Fuel Capacity: 9.70 Gal
Wet Weight: 1311 lb
Bed Capacity: 300 Lb
Towing Capacity: 1500 lb


Price: $12,799
Engine: 86cc liquid-cooled w/fan, 4-stroke; SOHC, 4 valves
Bore x Stroke: 102.0 x 84.0mm
Compression Ratio: 10.0:1
Transmission: Yamaha Ultramatic V-belt with all-wheel engine braking; L, H, N, R
Drive Train: Yamaha On-Command; 3-way locking differential; 2WD, 4WD, locked 4WD; shaft drive
Suspension: Front - Independent Double wishbone; 8.1-in travel, Rear - Independent double wishbone; 8.1-in travel
Brakes: Front - Dual hydraulic disc, Rear - Dual hydraulic disc
L x W x H: 122.0 x 61.8 x 74.1 in
Wheelbase: 84.1 in
Turning Radius: 177.56 in
Ground Clearance: 11.8 in
Fuel Capacity: 9.7 gal
Wet Weight: 1355 lb
Bed Capacity: 600 lb
Towing Capacity: 1500 lb
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Are you kidding me? The Viking wins this contest all day long in my mind. The only plus side to the Wolverine is the far...we'll wait and see and the suspension travel. The Viking wins in every other category!

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Two different machines....2 seats-small bed-smaller payload. I still think the Wolvering would have been recieved better as an upgrade to the Rhino. And I'm also having a difficult time with the whole "all new category" thing. However, for a little sportier trail/recreation ride, it does have some pretty cool advantages. I feel that there will probably be more aftermarket stuff available for the Wolverine. If I didn't have the need for the third seat and didn't have an occasional deer or elk to haul out....I'de take a serious look at it!

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Oh yea me too. But for what I do, the Viking wins hands down.
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The bed size is what decided it for me. You can barely fit a pack and cooler in the Wolverine. I need to haul stuff with my sxs.
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Two different but very similar machines. I actually really like the idea of the Wolvy. Has anyone ever stopped to compare the two machines side by side. The Wolvy is the Vikings little brother, sharing all types of parts together.
In our landscape out here in AZ we have so many tight twisting trails around rocks/boulders that a smaller more compact agile machine would be nice. However I have absolutely fallen in love with the roominess of my Viking. The bed size lets me carry just about anything I want. We have done several expedition type trips in the Viking where we will go for 1-3 days exploring trails and just camping wherever we end up for the day. The Viking lets me haul all of our crap with room to spare and that just makes it all worth it in my book. and ltpmja like this.

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When I compared them the wolvy was only a inch and a half narrower according to the product cards. And access for service required removing a lot more panels.

Also less room made me choose the Viking. I drove both and no regrets.
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This is the kind of thread I need! Still torn between the Wolverine and the Viking. My main uses for a SxS would be to haul around my garden trailer, transport me and gear around the property easier when cutting/ trimming trees, taking out the garbage, and the obvious trail riding. I feel that if I had the dumping bed, I'd use it, but at the same time, wouldn't entirely need it. I'd also seriously doubt I'd ever have any more than one passenger. On the flipside, the Wolverine has some trick accessories that I'd like, but is lacking in the one accessory I'd need- a front receiver.

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^^^Viking with a front receiver. Cheers

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ive had both both machines and while they look similar they act completely different. the viking is a beast. but where i ride it was just too wide. it did go (almost) everywhere i wantd it to but the wolvy does it so much easier and smoother. it may only be an inch and a half narrower but thats just at the wheels. the cab is way narrower and where i was hitting brush on both sides of the cab i dont hit at all in the wolvy. the power, handling/ maneuverability and suspension of the wolvy is leaps and bounds better than the viking. with the viking i was always last in line. due to the width of the machine, suspension and handling capabilities i couldnt keep up with anythin but rhinos. with the wolvy i can easily keep up with commanders and rzr 900. the viking wins with cab space but i didnt need to haul 3 people ever so it wasnt necessary. obviously the viking wins the bedspace battle too. but when i actually had the viking bed loaded it handled even worse than normal and sagged really bad causing me to bottom out and have to drive even slower. the biggest thing that held me back from the wolvy at first was the bed space. in the viking i normally carried a toolbox, cooler, chainsaw and 2gal pump sprayer. i can still carry all these things in the wolvy with a little bit of room left over. ive hauled firewood, 200lbs of water and a 180lb buck this year and while the viking could have hauled more the wolvy did it just fine. actually it still handled better than the viking. the dump bed on the viking is a great feature if you need it but i didnt and dont miss it at all. the viking was alot easier to work on being that you just tilted the bed up and removed two panels (like 5 bolts/plastic screws) and remove the wheel and you could access the whole motor. with the wolvy you have to remove the bed (9 bolts in bed and 4 in cab) remove the wheel and both panels. then everything is jam packed in really tight. i dont plan on having to work on it too much so again im ok with that. the viking also vibrated alot more and was louder in the cab than the wolvy ( idk about the 2016 vikings mine was a 2014)

all in all they both performed great and you wont go wrong with either machine. in my honest opinion, if you want a machine mainly for work and the trails you ride are open dirt roads, the viking is the way to go. if you do more trail riding than work and your trails are tight, twisty and very bumpy and rocky then the wolvy is the way to go

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